“Bringing the world's best craft wineries to the American table.

— Vindemiatrix imports llc

The Concept

Vindemiatrix believes in small vineyards, the artistry of vintners and bringing their fine wines to the American dinner table. Wine, like paintings, can be mass produced or hand-crafted. There is a place on the wall for beautiful posters and prints, but a special venue is reserved for an original. Paintings can be bought at an art superstore or at a craft fair. So it is with wine. We represent some of the finest small vineyards in the world and make their special wines available in America.


“Tuscany fills the mind, soul and palate.” 

— Clendinning

Our Mission

Corporate importers and distributors look for supply chain value. Independent vineyards are not generally part of their portfolios. Vindemiatrix, on the other hand, seeks out the vintner's art-form, no matter how small their production, so that Americans can experience craft wine at its best. But that's not all of the story. The legal aspects of the American three tier alcoholic beverage system demands that getting wine to the consumer's table requires a symbiosis of importer, distributor and retailer. Vindemiatrix works with distributors who understand with the needs of restaurateurs and retailers, and who care about providing hand-crafted, exclusive vintages to the American consumer.


“A dinner without wine... is like... a day without sunshine.” 

— Latin Proverb

Get Involved

Bringing the best wines from small vineyards to your table or your favorite restaurant is not only a symbiosis between Vindemiatrix and our distributors, but also with you. In order to get our hand-crafted wines onto menus, store shelves and wine club listings, we rely on consumers like you to request our wines. Let us know where you would like our wines to be carried and we will do our best to make them available through our distributors.